Lidl Has Become The First Supermarket To Pay The Living Wage Foundation Rate


Every Lidl helps, even if it does mess up two brands and cause a marketing nightmare for Tesco right in front of their eyes. Yeah, Tesco, I’m likening Lidl to you.

The German company Lidl (not Tesco) has agreed to the new Living Wage Foundation Rate as an Accredited Living Wage employer, meaning all staff will be paid a minimum of £8.25 an hour, which will rise to £9.75 in March next year. When are you doing this, Tesco?

A very, very reliable store. Credit: PA

You see yesterday Chancellor Philip Hammond explained how the national minimum wage will rise to £7.50 from £7.20. This is a legal requirement. But Lidl has said screw you to the mandatory law and gone with the suggested minimum wage instead.

Reportedly 5,500 workers at Lidl will benefit from this. And we think this is awesome.

Know this Lidl? If so, don’t bother letting us know. Credit: PA

As reported by the Independent, Nan Gibson, board director and general legend at Lidl, stated: “We recognise the contribution of each and every colleague within the business and we feel it’s important to celebrate our achievements together.”

“So it fills me with pride that our colleagues are among the best paid in the supermarket sector, and it’s absolutely deserved for the commitment and value they bring to the company every day.”

Look at the beauty of this place. Credit: PA

So every time you buy a slightly weird European prosciutto selection, or a load of booze because it’s cheap, you can also know that the staff are being treated damn well.

Tastes like a product made by legends. Credit: PA

Your move, Tesco. And everyone else for that matter.


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